A Guide to the Different Types of WordPress Hosting

Are you planning a new start-up and wondering which is the right WordPress hosting for your project? Perhaps you already have a physical business, and you want to expand into the online market with a WordPress site? Or maybe you’re planning to start a blog? If so, you’ll need to choose the right WordPress host … Continue reading “A Guide to the Different Types of WordPress Hosting”

How to Test the Speed of Your Hosting Provider

There used to be a saying that speed kills. But, in the world of eCommerce, speed is everything. Slow page loads and sluggish performance will result in high bounce rates and loss of business. It will also lower your ranking in the all-important search engine results pages (SERPs). Is your website performing as well as … Continue reading “How to Test the Speed of Your Hosting Provider”

Comparing Web Hosting – Australia vs Canada vs USA

It’s understandable when there is a little bit of rivalry between countries that share a lot in common but have distinct things that make them different. This is true when it comes to the United States, Canada, and Australia. This rivalry is seen when discussing beer, national foods, and sporting teams. There is also room … Continue reading “Comparing Web Hosting – Australia vs Canada vs USA”

Top Trends For Web Development Accessibility

Growing trends in advanced website functionality are establishing 2021 as a characteristic year for open site development. New standards for transparency are clarified and enforced on a worldwide scale to manage both open and private websites. To succeed in the coming years, web engineers clearly need to take an increasingly committed and informed approach to … Continue reading “Top Trends For Web Development Accessibility”

Want to change your life: Learn HTML for Free

The work of a programmer has become very valuable in the past few years. Now, IT professionals and coders can earn lots of money for work that, some argue, is not even that hard! Of course, you can get an official education in the field and become a licensed professional if you’d like. The people … Continue reading “Want to change your life: Learn HTML for Free”