SEO Benefits of XML & HTML Sitemaps

Each SEO master and website administrator has definitely heard of SEO sitemaps and their classification. The most commonly used is the sitemap XML for SEO, which serves primarily for internal settings and processes not visible to website visitors. Another type is HTML sitemap for SEO, which represents the website structure for users. This article will … Continue reading “SEO Benefits of XML & HTML Sitemaps”

Complete Guide to Create Digital Marketing and SEO HTML Template

Marketing campaigns are expecting more creative and innovative approaches for being successful. Luckily, SEO and digital marketing website templates are capable of advancing any marketing strategy. A landing page or advertisement looks much more appealing to users when crafted with professional HTML templates for businesses. This article provides essential tips on how to create HTML … Continue reading “Complete Guide to Create Digital Marketing and SEO HTML Template”

20 Best Responsive & SEO Friendly Bootstrap HTML5 Website Templates

Being a part of 2018, you definitely know how much a worthy website means nowadays. Honestly speaking, today, you can do a lot with the help of smartly created online project. You don’t need to fall in love with coding and spend the half of your life studying it. In case you want to launch … Continue reading “20 Best Responsive & SEO Friendly Bootstrap HTML5 Website Templates”

Top 10 HTML & CSS Code Editors for 2022

If you have anything to do with programming – and we know you do – you understand the importance of a good code editor. A good editor helps make your code more readable and easier to work with. It also provides features like syntax highlighting and code completion that can help you write code faster … Continue reading “Top 10 HTML & CSS Code Editors for 2022”

Importance of User Experience in Web Design

To say that user experience (often abbreviated as UX) plays a significant role in web design is a bit of an understatement. Some people – mostly those far removed from the web design industry – believe that web design is mostly concerned with aesthetics or decoration. In other words, a web designer is somebody who … Continue reading “Importance of User Experience in Web Design”

Interesting Tricks You Can Do With Just HTML

Even if you haven’t been trained as a UX graphic designer, you can still create websites that are not only informative but also good-looking and attractive to visitors.HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript are simple tools that every frontend developer has at their disposal, and these tools enable you to make your blog or website look modern, … Continue reading “Interesting Tricks You Can Do With Just HTML”