Cookie Warning Widget With JavaScript

Display Cookie Compliancy warnings to website visitors in the European Union according to the GDPR and other mindless laws. Since we don’t wan’t to annoy everyone just the necessary European population we can target the visitors according to their time zones.

The warning stripe will keep showing up on every page where the script is active until the visitor clicks the accept button. This will create a cookie on the guest’s computer and keep it for 90 days even if he leaves the website.

cookie warning widget
This label makes more sense because with a chainsaw you can actually hurt yourself.

See the warning widget in action on this website or on the demo page.

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4 Key Cybersecurity Lessons to Protect Yourself as Occasioned by Recent Events

There are many big cybersecurity threats that have defined this decade.Big companies have been attacked and the whole IT industry has been shaken by these attacks. Some of the biggest attacks have influenced the way individuals and organizations now look at cybersecurity. Today, it is no longer unusual to see companies reserving special occasions to evaluate cybersecurity and to sensitize the staff on issues.

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Website Search Box with Dropdown Tooltip Suggestions

Search functionality is crucial to improve the user experience, making navigation on the website much easier. This functionality is built into WordPress and almost every other CMS, but in this article I’m going to present a custom and very lightweight HTML-CSS-JS-jQuery solution that is very easy to implement.

website search input tooltip dropdown

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How to Be Both Web Designer and Developer

Web design and development are hot skills in the tech market right now. They are both crucial to create a great product. Surprisingly, developers and designers often share familiar skillsets – algorithmic thinking, creativity used both for coding as well as designing 3D graphics and posters. However, it’s common to think about these specialists as somewhat the opposite sides of the web designer vs web developer spectrum – the stronger one’s developer’s skills are, the worse his designer capacities are.

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Detect New Website Visitors with JavaScript Cookie

Sometimes it might want to show a custom message to new visitors, such as a cookie warning or some other custom content. Even our online HTML editor is detecting returning visitors and doesn’t show the demo content to them. This lightweight JavaScript solution will help you detect returning visitors with the use of a cookie.
detect first visitor cookie javascript
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15+ Useful CSS Tips For Beginners

Today the life is getting easier and easier. Thanks to the modern technologies we can get literally anything we want from an online store and receive it within a couple hours after a purchase, we can go to any place on Earth whenever we want and fast, and we don’t have to grow or hunt our food, like our ancestors did, because we can buy everything in a nearby grocery store. Life is getting easier and it will continue to do so which is pretty cool, since perhaps we will have more time to do the things we really enjoy doing.

useful css tips

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10 Tips To Launch Your Startup Faster

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into smaller manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.”
– Mark Twain, American Humorist and Author.

In the last few years, such a thing as a startup has become quite popular and oft-debated. The concept of “startup” originally appeared in the field of information technology and was associated with the building of new organizations, which tried to offer their target audience something new and unusual. Today, a startup is a common name for any young company, firm or project, created with the expectation of the rapid growth and, as a result, high capitalization. After several months/years, the project is not called a startup any more, because it either receives recognition and investment support to continue development or closes as uncompetitive one.

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