How to Convert Your HTML Site to WordPress

If you came of age during the 90’s, you likely remember watching “Friends” on TV, eating cereal Saturday mornings while watching cartoons, and staying up late to play video games using your Game Boy Color. When you searched the web during that time, all websites had nothing but text and static HTML. Fast-forward two decades and “Friends” is on streaming services or syndication, Saturday cartoons have been replaced with entire channels dedicated to the genre, and handheld video games are most commonly played on your mobile phone.

how to convert static html to wordpress
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What Can We Do to Protect Our Anonymity on the Internet

Nowadays, an increasing number of individuals, companies, and governments of different countries start worrying about how personal data of Internet users is consumed and how much privacy and anonymity are kept on the Internet. Today most of the information is available on the Internet and many people use smartphones to obtain it. Meanwhile, your gadget contains personal photos, addresses, and phone numbers, as well as information about bank accounts, social status, and health. Still, there is a direct threat that the smallest violation of safety standards can cause damage to the daily life of any person.

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How a Good Server Can Help You

HTML, CSS, or Python? Whichever coding language you are learning and no matter what your skills are, having a quality work environment can not only speed up your work but also improve its quality, what leads to a much higher satisfaction. In the end, while it’s true that you can learn HTML with nothing more than Notepad, there is no better way to practice your skills than to actually create and deploy or edit live projects.
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Web Designers: Ignore GDPR at Your Own Risk

In 2018, the European Union became the first major international body to institute regulations on internet data protection. The commission’s policy is called the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, and it went into effect as of May 2018.

The rules of GDPR are applicable to any website or online application that can be served to citizens of the EU. So even if your primary audience and data center are located in Australia or the United States, your site can still be held to the regulations.

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20 Best Responsive & SEO Friendly Bootstrap HTML5 Website Templates 2018

Being a part of 2018, you definitely know how much a worthy website means nowadays. Honestly speaking, today, you can do a lot with the help of smartly created online project. You don’t need to fall in love with coding and spend the half of your life studying it. In case you want to launch a gorgeous business or personal website quickly, finding a professional template will be enough.

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The Best Online Emoji Picker – With quick search

Picking the perfect emoji has never been easier. With the new ideogram and smiley directory you can find the best suiting emoji for your electronic messages in seconds. They are special characters which means that they can be copy-pasted into the web browser as plain text.

Open the Emoji picker

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