Income Tax calculator with AngularJs

This post is a short tutorial about how easily you can build a tax calculator with the help of the old but powerful AngularJs.  (Please note: AngularJs is not the same as Angular) Yes I know, I’m talking about  Angular 1 (aka AngularJs), and Angular 5 has just been released, so who the heck is using AngularJs nowadays? Well, you’d be surprised how many companies are still using it: This is the first article of the full tutorial, where we’ll outline the structure of the functions that will perform the calculations, and then in the next section we’ll take a more in-depth look at how these functions will perform the calculations in a nice harmony together and how they will render the results on the frontend.

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20 Clean & Minimalist HTML Templates

Turn Your Business into the Most Successful One with 20 Clean & Minimalist HTML Templates

Nowadays we live in the competitive world. Throughout history, competition has ruled the world and influenced people’s lives in different ways. It caused the crisis for some people; however, it created new opportunities for others. It facilitated changes in various spheres of life, in particular, in politics, economic and social systems. It is possible to say that competition has actually transformed various aspects of our life. Today we accept it as a natural state of our society, as we see it almost everywhere.

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You Are Welcome to Join the Template Monster Digital Marketplace

Website Templates – Journey Through History

It happened around the time when a website template was just a wonder, a team of five started developing custom websites and selling them worldwide. In the year 2004, when an average website was nothing but a blinking background of colors, things started to change. The first websites were rustic and slowly evolved until they arrived in a fine arts masterpiece. The web design has changed for the better since then. Continue reading “You Are Welcome to Join the Template Monster Digital Marketplace”

Highlight Active Menu Item With jQuery Script

We can improve the user experience highlighting the active menu item on our websites. This makes navigation easier because the visitor will know at the first glance which is the current page.

This strategy also increases the amount of visited pages because the visitor will more likely click the next page when it’s easier to find that.

highlighted active menu item script

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Fall HTML Blast: 15 Newest HTML Templates for October 2017

As fall is entering our gardens and parks it’s time to harvest what 2017 brought us. Of course, we speak metaphorically. 2017 is a fruitful year for the web design industry, as it saw many technological advances and breakthroughs during this winter, spring, and summer. That’s why upgrading your website this fall appears to be a great idea. Cast your doubts aside and check out 15 newest HTML templates for October 2017 that incorporate all the best that was achieved this year in web design.

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About The Best HTML Editor

Do you remember when we used Microsoft FrontPage Editor when you just started working with web pages, and because of the familiar editor, it was easier to understand the original HTML code, which changed the original code into visual content, as long as the direct input text, pictures, hyperlinks. The modification of the styles could be made out of the page, of course. Nowadays most Content Management Systems, like WordPress, Joomla or DotNetNuke all have their own built in visual HTML editors. In most cases we never interact with the marku, we usually just use the WYSIWYG html editor

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