Blinking text with HTML and CSS only

I’m presenting a very simple way of making a fancy text blinking using only HTML and CSS3. Adjust the values, setting a different blinking speed and colors.

I am blinking!

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Steps in Learning HTML for a Student

With all the innovations and advances that have taken place with the internet ever since its inception, the one thing that remains important to this day is HTML, or ‘Hypertext Markup Language’. This is the underlying language that powers a big part of the web and will likely stay around for a long time to come. HTML is used to determine the structure of a web page. It defines every element from sections and headings to paragraphs and links. A website that is based on good HTML will also generally load quicker as opposed to those based on JavaScript because HTML-based sites are loaded in increments by browsers.

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Top Summer Schools to Learn HTML, CSS JavaScript

I’m wondering – are summer schools the perfect way to introduce new people to the world of web development?

A course lasting a few weeks, enough to learn all the fundamentals and fall in love with the subject. And on top of that you’ll have the chance to enjoy some unique experiences in a mix of exciting cultures and environments.

Search by country: Spain | Germany | UK | Czechia | Netherlands | France | USA

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Video Management With HTML And JavaScript

Since video content is a booming business on the Internet, HTML and JavaScript are crucial parts of video managing, and they play a large role in user experience. Therefore, it’s important to learn the basics of HTML and JavaScript, and put out successful and accessible video content online. Then, you must learn the three basic aspects of video management, as you keep in mind HTML and JavaScript.

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10 Tips for College Students for Learning HTML Basics

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the world is going digital and online. Although your current course of study is not computer related, you are going to have to work on the internet at some time or another, whether making a website for your business or creating websites for a living, HTML basics are becoming more and more essential.

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