Cookie Warning Widget With JavaScript

Display Cookie Compliancy warnings to website visitors in the European Union according to the GDPR and other mindless laws. Since we don’t wan’t to annoy everyone just the necessary European population we can target the visitors according to their time zones.

cookie warning widget
This label makes more sense because with a chainsaw you can actually hurt yourself.

See the warning widget in action on this website or on the demo page.

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Stick section to the bottom of the page when scrolled through

Don’t let important sections disappear when visitors scroll though the web page. In this article I’m going to present how to stick a HTML element, to the bottom of the page with JavaScript when it’s about to disappear. I have already presented the way of attaching it to the top of the page and this method is very similar to that.
stick bottom

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Detecting MouseDown on Dektop and TouchStart on Mobile Devices

This short JavaScript jQuery code detects MouseDown / MouseUp event on desktop browsers and it handles TouchStart / TouchEnd events on touchscreen devices. We need this because MouseDown never fires on touch devices and vice versa TouchStart never triggers on devices using mouse pointer.

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HTML CSS JS (and more) Cheat Sheets

Today I’d like to present a free online tool that every web developer and designer should add to their bookmarks. The new free interactive HTML CSS JavaScript Cheat Sheets have gathered the most common code snippets and online tools. Each one of these languages has its own dedicated page which allows you to easily pick the code you’re looking for and to test it in the instant editor.

html css js cheat sheet

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Volume Controller Slider

This is a very lightweight volume slider controller using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

The most simple way of doing this is adding a range input slider:

<input type="range" min="1" max="10" value="5" id="myNumber">

Here’s a fancier solution. The visual control lets you change a JavaScript variable with a mouse click.
To try it simply click one of the bars below:

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