Free Online Multisport ScoreBoard

Tracking sport event statistics and displaying the score has never been easier. With the new online scoreboard you don’t need an expensive equipment to count the score anymore. All you need is a laptop and a projector or a big screen to display the score and measure the time. The web-based online scoreboard can be customized to many different sports.

online scoreboard
Score Counter

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The Best Online Emoji Picker – With quick search

Picking the perfect emoji has never been easier. With the new ideogram and smiley directory you can find the best suiting emoji for your electronic messages in seconds. They are special characters which means that they can be copy-pasted into the web browser as plain text.

Open the Emoji picker

emoji picker online
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Prevent web crawlers from stealing email addresses from your website

If you just simply publish an email address on a website you can expect tons of spam in the inbox. Web spiders crawl the sites all the time looking to collect email addresses to send them spams, ads or viruses. This is why you have to make sure you never add your email to any website as plain text or link which is visible by robots.


Show Email
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Cookie Warning Widget With JavaScript

Display Cookie Compliancy warnings to website visitors in the European Union according to the GDPR and other mindless laws. Since we don’t wan’t to annoy everyone just the necessary European population we can target the visitors according to their time zones.

cookie warning widget
This label makes more sense because with a chainsaw you can actually hurt yourself.

See the warning widget in action on this website or on the demo page.

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Nofollow Links Aren’t Worthless

We are living in a world of SEO (Search Engine optimization) where every person has their own plan of action and rules to apply on the website to gain traffic. One of the provisions of SEO is ‘No follow links’ that have their own worth. Usually, they were originated to prevent people from doing Black Hat SEO by Google. However, not every person acknowledges the importance of nofollow links.
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Detect New Website Visitors with JavaScript Cookie

Sometimes it might want to show a custom message to new visitors, such as a cookie warning or some other custom content. Even our online HTML editor is detecting returning visitors and doesn’t show the demo content to them. This lightweight JavaScript solution will help you detect returning visitors with the use of a cookie.
detect first visitor cookie javascript
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The Five Most Popular JavaScript Frameworks In 2020

JavaScript is the most popular language for programming ever to have existed and there are many active communities out there encouraging learning and development within its multiple frameworks. JavaScript is fast and scalable, and since the late 2000s it has existed at both the front and back-end of development. To become fluent in the language of the web, it is truly essential to be familiar with JavaScript.

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