VPN vs ISP – Who Can You Trust and Why?

When it comes to working on the internet, things can get a little confusing for some. While you may have never heard of an ISP or a VPN these two semi-related acronyms can play a big part in your data, and the protection of it. One of the most important aspects of browsing the web is the protection of your data, so when you look at VPNs and ISPs, a good question to ask yourself is “Who can you trust and why?”.
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Most Common Web Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Is your web design hurting SEO? When creating a website, you have two audiences to please. The first is your target market. Your second is the search engines, especially the almighty Google.

In fact, you may want to reverse the order because if Google can’t find and index your website, your audience may never find you.

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How to Increase Conversion Rate

Are you looking for ways to generate the maximum revenue for your web project? To gain the expected feedback from your audience, you need to think about the implementation of wise conversion-oriented techniques on your site. If you want to achieve success in your approach, then you need to think about the way people browse the web. They may be using different devices and web browsing apps. A modern user is multi-tasking and keeps several tabs open in his browser window. So, keep his attention focused on your content and encourage that person to take a specific action, you need to implement a wise conversion-oriented strategy.

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Social Media Share Buttons – Dynamic JS Widget

We are presenting a simple jQuery solution to implement social media share buttons for the current page, with svg icons. Our example includes the most popular sites: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, Blogger, Reddit, Delicious and “email to friend”. You can add new sites tweaking the code a little. Sharablility is a crucial SEO factor so make sure to add this simple widget to your pages.

social media share buttons jquery

Live Demo

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