About The Best HTML Editor

Do you remember when we used Microsoft FrontPage Editor when you just started working with web pages, and because of the familiar editor, it was easier to understand the original HTML code, which changed the original code into visual content, as long as the direct input text, pictures, hyperlinks. The modification of the styles could be made out of the page, of course. Nowadays most Content Management Systems, like WordPress, Joomla or DotNetNuke all have their own built in visual HTML editors. In most cases we never interact with the marku, we usually just use the WYSIWYG composer.best html editor

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15 Bestselling HTML5 Templates with Parallax Scrolling Effect

Want to create a perfect website in a few clicks? Try ready-made best selling HTML5 templates by TemplateMonster! Each of these themes is easy-to-install and to customize, so you will be able to use it on your own. You will get the detailed documentation together with the theme, and you won’t need to hire web-developers and designers. Just follow the instructions and go online right away after downloading the theme you like! Also, you can contact the TM Service Center to get professional help in case of some issues. Continue reading “15 Bestselling HTML5 Templates with Parallax Scrolling Effect”

Script to stick HTML element to the top when scrolled through

In this article I’m going to present a lightweight script to stick an HTML element to the top of the page when the user scrolls through it. Use this to make a menu, a call to action button or any other important element always stay in focus. Adjusting the script you can trigger other effects when the page scrolls through an anchor point. Here are the HTML CSS and JS codes to use to accomplish this effect.

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10 Multipurpose HTML5 templates to satisfy any business idea

Nowadays having a personal website is a “must have” for any kind of business. It’s crucial to have a convincing presence on the web and win the trust of your customers. And last but not least, it is bound to help you outrun your business rivals. So, how to get all these advantages without spending too much time and money? There is an easy way to cope with this demand. Multipurpose HTML5 templates will satisfy any business idea.
Buying a ready-made template developed by TemplateMonster might be really beneficial, but only if you are ready to spend some time on mastering it. In fact, you don’t have to acquire any programming skills and be into coding. You only need to follow well-detailed instruction installing the template and then spend a couple of hours customizing the site to your needs. Continue reading “10 Multipurpose HTML5 templates to satisfy any business idea”

TOP 5 HTML Templates with Visual Editor

Hey, guys, what’s up? How is your summer? The thing is, that we’ve got a new must-have in a web development world! If you want to pump up your skills or just need a hassle-free website template for your business, you definitely need to get to know with today’s top 5 HTML templates with visual editor.

In fact, modern web development industry grows up day by day. For this reason, we have a plenty of innovations on a daily basis: they stream, they beat each other, and they really impress us by making the website building process easy, comfortable, and joyful. Small wonder, that tons of people worldwide choose ready-made solutions for building sites. They are simple and allow you to create a website with no professional skills required.

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15 Well-Proven Templates for Startups and Small Businesses

Are you ready to start your own business and need a professional online presentation for that? You will find it here by all means. Maybe not the final version of your future website, but a good starting point for it.

We have compiled 15 templates for startups and small businesses in this article. They were designed for different niches by TemplateMonster.com, one of the leading companies in web design and development field.

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How to Convert PDF to HTML, or Convert HTML to PDF

HTML and PDF are two different file formats. The main contrast between the two lies in the output. It is important to understand the need of conversion between the two file formats. HTML format is neither readable nor downloadable. In order for it to be legible or for downloading purpose you have to convert it into PDF format. A PDF formatted file is easy to read and save for future reference. Now, why to convert PDF into HTML format? HTML is web application format. If you do not convert your document to HTML then you have to write complete code yourself for creating web pages.

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jQuery Hover Animation Effect Without Jumping – Using Stop() Method

Probably you experienced some flashing effect the first time you tried to make a jQuery hover animation without the stop() call. This happens when you hover and take your mouse away quickly without waiting for the animation to finish. This behavior triggers a new animation to start before the previous has finished.
In this article I’m going to present the proper way of making jQuery animation calling the stop() method, avoiding shaking fuzzy effects.

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