Stick section to the bottom of the page when scrolled through

Don’t let important sections disappear when visitors scroll though the web page. In this article I’m going to present how to stick a HTML element, to the bottom of the page with JavaScript when it’s about to disappear. I have already presented the way of attaching it to the top of the page and this method is very similar to that.
stick bottom

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Top 15 HTML Templates to Make Your Finance & Consulting Business Flourish in 2018

A goal without a plan is just a wish. A finance business without a website is just time-wasting. Finance is the nerve center of any business that is aimed to support, manage and control your money, assets, expenditures, and more. Without such a service, a business is doomed to failure. That’s why if you have a finance project, you need to make great efforts to present your business as a reliable, solid, and qualified company. When looking at your website they have to be sure that you deserve to manage their investments, assets, conduct various financial operations and plan your financial future. Without a professional, trustworthy looking online presence, it will be difficult to stand out from the competitors and lure customers.

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getElementByClass JavaScript Function?

The getElementById is a very common JavaScript function that returns a reference to the element by its ID, but unfortunately when we try to use getElementByClass, the console returns the following error: Uncaught TypeError: document.getElementByClass is not a function.

In this article I’m going to present two workarounds to replace the getElementByClass JS function, with or without using jQuery.
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Top 18 Free HTML5 Templates To Start Your Online Business

There are many ways to launch your own website. Modern market is full of developers, builders, and ready-made templates that can help you to start an online way. The reason why so many people are trying to get their biz online is that the Internet is full of the potential customers. Here you have tons of opportunities to represent your biz, showcase it in the best possible light, and to spread a word about your skills.

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Income Tax calculator with AngularJs

This post is a short tutorial about how easily you can build a tax calculator with the help of the old but powerful AngularJs.  (Please note: AngularJs is not the same as Angular) Yes I know, I’m talking about  Angular 1 (aka AngularJs), and Angular 5 has just been released, so who the heck is using AngularJs nowadays? Well, you’d be surprised how many companies are still using it: This is the first article of the full tutorial, where we’ll outline the structure of the functions that will perform the calculations, and then in the next section we’ll take a more in-depth look at how these functions will perform the calculations in a nice harmony together and how they will render the results on the frontend.

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20 Clean & Minimalist HTML Templates

Turn Your Business into the Most Successful One with 20 Clean & Minimalist HTML Templates

Nowadays we live in the competitive world. Throughout history, competition has ruled the world and influenced people’s lives in different ways. It caused the crisis for some people; however, it created new opportunities for others. It facilitated changes in various spheres of life, in particular, in politics, economic and social systems. It is possible to say that competition has actually transformed various aspects of our life. Today we accept it as a natural state of our society, as we see it almost everywhere.

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