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Website Templates – Journey Through History

It happened around the time when a website template was just a wonder, a team of five started developing custom websites and selling them worldwide. In the year 2004, when an average website was nothing but a blinking background of colors, things started to change. The first websites were rustic and slowly evolved until they arrived in a fine arts masterpiece. The web design has changed for the better since then.

Regarding the luck thing, one smart cookie from TemplateMonster made a great stride. Using his own collection of DYI design elements, he started compiling website layouts. That was the moment when the company realized it was the product people want. In fact, these PSD templates were nothing else but out-of-the-box, fully functional website templates.

It was an evolution in web design that has definitely changed the future of web industry.

The Rise of Website Templates

TemplateMonster’s Marketplace!

For the next few years, TemplateMonster has experienced booming growth. Indeed, the company faced regular ups and downs, though thanks to its skilled and talented team, the company persevered, survived, and rose up stronger than before. However, time goes by really fast and demands us to keep ourselves informed and nonstop.

With respect to the law of genre, in the wake of the massive success, Apple presented its first iPhone and turned the world upside down. From that point on, TemplateMonster had to start thinking outside of their monitors. That’s when they had to get inventive. Moreover, the whole skilled team had to learn new things in the shortest time span. And, as a result, TemplateMonster got back on the horse.

It’s undeniable that every failure is a part of the process and if you want to be successful you must learn from your mistakes, just the way TemplateMonster’s team has done. All this thanks to a lot of creative and inspired minds who have been pushing and trying new things.

From now on, TemplateMonster takes the next step in expanding its web developing business.

TemplateMonster Marketplace

TemplateMonster’s Marketplace!

Nothing is constant but change. Change is inevitable. Here’s why in the year 2016, TemplateMonster started thinking to apply the digital marketplace business model. In this regard, TemplateMonster welcomes all talented and creative minds, third-party developers, designers, and digital product manufacturers to become vendors in the TemplateMonster digital marketplace.

It worked as an invite-only system first. But then things changed. The other day TemplateMonster ran into a talented guy from Belarus with a brilliant collection of ready-made WordPress themes. Since then, this guy has increased his total income up to $20K as a vendor on the TemplateMonster digital marketplace. Way to go, don’t you think?

TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace as It Is

TemplateMonster’s Marketplace!

  • What About Products?

TemplateMonster opens a new world of possibilities. The digital marketplace is just the place to sell the highly demanded products only. What does it mean? Well, every time a product is loaded, a team of professionals breaks it apart to ensure that its every single design element works right the way it is described in the documentation. Besides, WordPress products will be inspected with special attention.

  • What’s the Cut?

The answer is, it depends. TemplateMonster digital marketplace can accept both Exclusive and Non-Exclusive products from a vendor. What’s your choice? To get up to 70% or 40% from each sale? Think twice and take action.

TemplateMonster’s Marketplace!

Advantages Over ThemeForest or MojoMarketplace

  • 1. From 1 Profile Account, a vendor can sell both Exclusive and Non-Exclusive products. On ThemeForest, you can sell either Exclusive or Non-Exclusive products.
  • 2. It takes up to 12 hours for a team of professionals to inspect digital products. For more complex solutions they need up to 1-3 days. In comparison, 2 weeks is the minimum time needed on ThemeForest.
  • 3. A vendor gets no limits for product submissions on the TemplateMonster marketplace. On ThemeForest, there can be one digital product submission to one category at a time.
  • 4. With a ’Quick Start’, a vendor can get up to 70% from each sale for his/her Exclusive product on the digital marketplace. Sounds good, doesn’t it?
  • 5. A vendor is able to assign more than 1 category to his/her digital products.
  • 6. With the variety of payment systems, the location of a vendor makes no sense. Net15 Payments is no exception.
  • 7. The Ticket System assists in a quick and well-equipped interaction.

Later on, a Quality Index system can be a great way for a vendor to get the ranking. Want to be successful? Then there’s no room for error. Keep innovating, implementing, and believing in what you do to increase the Quality Index. With the Quality Index, a client can make an informed decision.

The Bottom Line

We have to agree that the TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace is just the place for all talented and creative minds from all over the world to sell their graphic design products. With the purpose to help those talented folks grow and further expand, TemplateMonster ensures that not even the moon is your limit. Once you become a vendor on this digital marketplace, you can highlight your skills and level up your business. Try it simply just to try it.

TemplateMonster’s Marketplace!

Welcome aboard!

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