Complete Guide to Create Digital Marketing and SEO HTML Template

Marketing campaigns are expecting more creative and innovative approaches for being successful. Luckily, SEO and digital marketing website templates are capable of advancing any marketing strategy. A landing page or advertisement looks much more appealing to users when crafted with professional HTML templates for businesses. This article provides essential tips on how to create HTML marketing templates online to reinforce your efforts in digital marketing.

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Online Interactive HTML CSS JS Cheat Sheets

Today I’d like to present a free online tool that every web developer and designer should add to their bookmarks. The new free interactive HTML CSS JavaScript Cheat Sheets have gathered the most common code snippets and online tools. Each one of these languages has its own dedicated page which allows you to easily pick the code you’re looking for and to test it in the instant editor.

html css js cheat sheet

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The Best Online ASCII Text Art Converters

ASCII art has been around for a long time. It used to serve a very important purpose. Not only was it a super-low-memory method for communicating images, but it also saved a lot of resources. Nowadays it’s a fun way of communicating feelings instead of plain text in social media and messaging.

         .-“””-.      ░▒█░▒█░▀▀█▀▀░▒█▀▄▀█░▒█░▒░░▒░░░▒░▒    
        /       \     ░▒█▀▀█░░▒█░░░▒█▒█▒█░▒█░░▒░▀▀▀▀░░▒  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
        \       /     ░▒█░▒█░░▒█░░░▒█░░▒█░▒█▄▄█░░▒░░░▒░░▒░▒░░▒░▒░▒
 .-“””-.-`.-.-.<  _                _     ❤              ❤     
/      _,-\ ()()_/:)              (_ ) _       ❤            ❤  
\     / ,  `     `|      _    ___  | |(_) ___  ლಠ益ಠ)ლ  ❤         
 ‘-..-| \-.,___,  /    / _ \/  _  \| || |  _  \/ __ \       ❤    
       \ `-.__/  /    ( (_) ) ( ) || || | ( ) |  ___/   _  _ __ 
        `-.__.-‘`      \___/(_) (_)___)_)_) (_)\____)o (_ (_)|||

ASCII text image created with and

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A Very Simple Popup Box – HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Popup boxes are the most useful way of showing a warning or any other important information to the website visitors in many HTML5 templates. In this article I’m going to walk you through the creation of a very simple popup box with shadow overlay and close button. We’re going to implement this using HTML, CSS and jQuery in less than 100 lines (not compressed code).

simple popup box html css js
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Most Effective Methods to Prepare for a Writing Test

For many young people, the situation of a writing test evokes so many negative emotions that it takes more effort to experience anxiety than directly preparing and passing the exam.

  • How to prepare for the tests most effectively without wasting extra time and energy?
  • How to act on the exam itself to show your best sides and get a high score?

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Blinking text with HTML and CSS only

I’m presenting a very simple way of making a fancy text blinking using only HTML and CSS3. Adjust the values, setting a different blinking speed and colors.

I am blinking!

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Free Online Multisport ScoreBoard

Tracking sport event statistics and displaying the score has never been easier. With the new online scoreboard you don’t need an expensive equipment to count the score anymore. All you need is a laptop and a projector or a big screen to display the score and measure the time. The web-based online scoreboard can be customized to many different sports.

online scoreboard
Start ScoreCount

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