20 Best Responsive & SEO Friendly Bootstrap HTML5 Website Templates

Being a part of 2018, you definitely know how much a worthy website means nowadays. Honestly speaking, today, you can do a lot with the help of smartly created online project. You don’t need to fall in love with coding and spend the half of your life studying it. In case you want to launch a gorgeous business or personal website quickly, finding a professional template will be enough.

As the name of the post says, here we are going to talk about 20 best responsive and SEO-friendly Bootstrap templates. Here’s how they work!

  • You find the template/ theme you like and download it for further usage.
  • Inside template’s pack you’ll see multiple UI elements to improve site’s design. Choose the ones you like the most!
  • On the other hand, there will be many powerful features as well. Some of them are the must-haves and some are just the cute web design trends. Anyway, you need both variants!
  • Finally, there will be a creator-friendly builder, which is absolutely code-free.

How to pick your ideal Bootstrap template? And which features you should have before all else? Well, that’s what we are going to discuss while reviewing these ace 20 best responsive and SEO-friendly Bootstrap templates!

Besides, don’t miss the live demos!

Bootstrap-based theme/ template Item No Author Sales Price
Starbis – Multifunctional Business Website Template Based on Bootstrap 4 #60047 ZEMEZ 589 $75
Monstroid2 – Leading Multipurpose Website Template #62267 ZEMEZ 603 $75
Intense – Multipurpose Website Template #58888 ZEMEZ 2725 $75
The Future – Multipurpose HTML5 Template #69536 ZEMEZ 52 $72
Solari – Beauty Salon HTML5 Template #68393 ZEMEZ 24 $72
Allstar – Multi Sports Theme #63853 ZEMEZ 99 $75
Alice – Application Multipurpose HTML5 Template #70682 ZEMEZ 34 $72
Atlas – Industrial Multipage HTML5 Template #70384 ZEMEZ 41 $72
Dream Soft – Web Development Multipage HTML Template #71028 ZEMEZ 35 $72
Visage – Plastic Surgery Clinic Web Template #61232 ZEMEZ 193 $72
Real Estate – Multipurpose HTML Template #73337 ZEMEZ 2 $72
Audrey Mall – Entertainment Center Web Template #61211 ZEMEZ 93 $72
Investment Smart – Multipage HTML Template #68347 ZEMEZ 39 $72
Chiropractic – Healthcare Website Template #61218 ZEMEZ 145 $72
Quick Food – Fast Food Restaurant Web Template #61177 ZEMEZ 148 $75
Effective – IT Company HTML Template #64425 ZEMEZ 59 $72
FinExpert – Business Advisor Web Template #61389 ZEMEZ 277 $72
Median – Advertising Agency HTML5 Template #63506 ZEMEZ 76 $75
Management Company – Consulting Multipage HTML Template #69523 ZEMEZ 21 $72
Construction – Construction Company Responsive Multipage Website Template #62269 ZEMEZ 191 $72

Starbis – Multifunctional Business Website Template Based on Bootstrap 4

Without a doubt, the first rule of any successful website owner says that you should always let a visitor find whatever they are looking for. For these simple reasons, building a site, make sure that it comes with such things as handy design and customer-friendly navigation. Back to the template you are looking at right now, Starbis is a multipurpose premium item, which has a splendid navigation. The pack of the product includes multiple comfy functions like dropdowns and MegaMenu plugin to provide an awesome look and functionality.

Business Website Template

Monstroid 2 – Leading Multipurpose Website Template

In 2018, Monstroid 2 is a leading WordPress theme, which is suitable for any business niche as well as for any personal reasons. As you may know, this August, the theme got a great update, which includes 500+ UI elements but that’s not all. Among the other cool features of the updated Monstroid 2 theme, there are new design possibilities based on WYSIWYG experience. By the way, in addition to the mentioned UI components, there are even more free elements that are releasing on weekly basis.

Monstroid2 Multipurpose Website Template

Intense – Multipurpose Website Template

In case you are looking for something really creator-friendly, don’t miss Intense, as it provides a lot of space for your unique designs! Choosing this item, a website owner gets the next features:

  • over 500 HTML pages that are already ready-made,
  • more than 300 PDF files,
  • 25+ niche templates,
  • 10+ eCommerce templates for your shop,
  • 30+ templates for a blog,
  • 15+ header and footer styles,
  • 15+ sliders,
  • 2000+ font icons,
  • over 200 reusable elements, and much more!

By the way, the pack of Intense also contains many eye-friendly web fonts to improve your textual content.

Intense - Multipurpose Website Template

The Future – Multipurpose HTML5 Template

To begin with, the Future is a truly colorful HTML 5 template, which also comes with a rich package. Opening it, a user will see more than 60 HTML Templates and 400+ visual content elements that are absolutely easy to use or manage. Depending on your needs, you can customize the pages of the theme or use the Future’s designs the way they are. Anyway, it will attract the attention of a visitor, so let’s just view out the live demo of the theme!

The Future Multipurpose HTML5 Template

Solari – Beauty Salon HTML5 Template

Here is another HTML 5 template, which is surely worthy of your attention and comes for the next purposes:

  • tattoo salon,
  • massage salon,
  • beauty salon,
  • hair salon,
  • and nails salon.

Gently speaking, Solari can be used for any website that is somehow connected with health and beauty industry. The theme is very simple in customization and installation and has over 50 pre-designed HTML pages.

Beauty Salon HTML5 Template

Allstar – Multi Sports Theme

Allstar is a groundbreaking multi-sports theme, which contains child themes for such purposes as:

  • soccer website,
  • basketball,
  • billiards,
  • baseball,
  • bowling,
  • and rugby.

Needless to say, the template comes with lots of trendy options. Among them, you can see a beautiful Instagram gallery. You can add it just to your main page.

Multi Sports Theme

Alice – Application Multipurpose HTML5 Template

Here’s Alice – a marvelous HTML5 template, which was made for apps. Opening the pack of Alice, a user will see such pages as a web app, mobile app, messenger, desktop app, etc. No doubt, the theme also contains many must-have pages like contacts, our team, projects, about us, features or pricing. Although Alice has multiple header and footer styles, there’s also a MegaFooter plugin to make the website look really perfect. Finally, Alice has a rich variety of working contact forms, so don’t forget to use them and let people contact you directly.

Application Multipurpose HTML5 Template

Atlas – Industrial Multipage HTML5 Template

First off, don’t forget that running blogs is still a lucrative way to become closer to your prospects, so you need one to be inside your site. That’s why Atlas contains 2 different blog styles to choose from. On the other hand, there’s an eye-catching Parallax effect in the package of this hip industrial HTML 5 template. Using the illusion of 3D depth and motion, you can showcase your content in an interactive way.

Industrial Multipage HTML5 Template

Dream Soft – Web Development Multipage HTML Template

How do you think, which features should be added to each website’s functionality? Without a doubt, there should be mobile-ready design and cross-browser compatibility! Thanks to these points, people will be always able to visit the site and – no matter what your online project is about – these features are your #1 must-haves! To say more, in 2018, they say that over 50 % of traffic relates to mobiles and other small-screened devices. Therefore, looks like you do require a responsive site. Try Dream Soft for it!

Web Development Multipage HTML Template

Visage – Plastic Surgery Clinic Web Template

Well, the next thing, which is a must-have for any successful business (not only the online one) is time management. For sure, you should know your schedule and organize time smartly, so that’s why we suggest you adding a classy Appointment Manager to the design of the site you are about to run. The feature will help you to organize the schedule and highlight the most important events. Additionally, it allows the customers to book an appointment right on your website, which is quite comfortable both for you and for your audience.

Plastic Surgery Clinic Web Template

Real Estate – Multipurpose HTML Template

To start with, this Real Estate multipurpose HTML Template comes with several color variations. The list includes such popular tones as blue, yellow, and black but you can always use your fav custom colors if needed. Plus, Real Estate contains all the voguish web design components you may ever want to be added to the site look. There are cool counters, rates, and things like that!

Real Estate Multipurpose HTML Template

Audrey Mall – Entertainment Center Web Template

Moving to this entertainment center website template, Audrey Mall contains more than 35 ready-made HTML pages for you. The list includes the next elements:

  • sitemap,
  • progress bars,
  • web fonts, icons, buttons,
  • tables, tabs, and accordions,
  • shop pages,
  • gallery styles,
  • various forms,
  • error pages,
  • search, coming soon, and much more!

Entertainment Center Web Template

Investment Smart – Multipage HTML Template

Unquestionably, the texts you use on the site should be both readable and eye-friendly. That’s why Investment Smart comes with a nice collection of awesome web typography examples. Use them to improve your online project. The fonts are free!

Investment Multipage HTML Template

Chiropractic – Healthcare Website Template

What will you find inside the pack of Chiropractic? Firstly, there are 5 blog styles. Secondly, there are multiple gallery types including cobbles, masonry, and grid look. Thirdly, there are also quick contact form and appointment manager included. Owning the template will definitely save your time and further your work.

Chiropractic Website Template

Quick Food – Fast Food Restaurant Web Template

In case you would like to manage an extremely tasty restaurant or cafe online project, you should view out the demo of Quick Food! It has different gallery options to showcase your yummy products in all their beauty. Also, there’s a well-known Parallax scrolling to be used for website background. Actually, there are too many things to be told about this delicious template, so just check it out right now!

Fast Food Restaurant Web Template

Effective – IT Company HTML Template

Back to the must-haves, any modern online project requires, there totally should be Search Engines Optimization mentioned. Basically, SEO is a smart and well-done mechanism, which allows Google and its brothers-searches to find the needed website quickly. To help you with getting more unique visitors, Effective comes with 100% SEO-ready code. It will be noticed by the search engines ASAP, so there will be more people to enter the site you are about to build.

IT Company HTML Template

FinExpert – Business Advisor Web Template

FinExpert is another full-fledged and professionally designed HTML Template, which is built on Bootstrap. The template comes with a magical live search feature. It will help your customers to locate the needed part of the website pretty fast. What’s more, typing the search request, your visitors will see which results are popular.

Business Advisor Web Template

Median – Advertising Agency HTML5 Template

Median is a premium HTML Template that requires no coding skills and comes with an outstanding web design. The item has over 25 ready-to-use pages for your advertising agency and a valid, well-commented code. There’s a variety of working contact forms to choose from and brilliant newsletter subscription.

Advertising Agency HTML5 Template

Management Company – Consulting Multipage HTML Template

This elegant Bootstrap based template is compatible with any browser. As expected, Management Company has a mobile-friendly design as well. For these simple reasons, the website you run with it will always look fantastic!

Consulting Multipage HTML Template

Construction – Construction Company Responsive Multipage Website Template

And now it’s time to view out Construction – a famous multipage theme for a construction company related site. Here’s what the template provides its owner with:

  • 400+ HTML Templates,
  • 80+ multi and one-page demos,
  • an extended Bootstrap toolkit,
  • UI kit for developers,
  • visual drag-and-drop Novi builder, and much more!

Construction - Construction Company Responsive Multipage Website Template

For today, these were all the 20 premium Bootstrap-based themes and templates. Needless to say, all of them are very handy. No matter how many times you tried to manage a website, using these products, you’ll win! Thanks to such features and user-friendly interface, stunning design, and powerful functionality, the showcased templates will help anyone, who wants their website to be done!