20 Design Trends this Year: Predictions & Reality

The design trends have always been dynamic and interesting. In the era of digital art, they can fade away as quickly as they appeared. What has been contemporary over the past few years may look completely outdated now. Although some trends have stood the test of time, others have disappeared in the blink of an eye to make room for new modern views.

If we describe the current trends of this year in a few words, then they can be called “the antonym of boredom and despondency.” Brightness, nontriviality, and surprise are in fashion now. Sometimes the experiments of modern web designers may even seem crazy, but the high level of popularity of a particular phenomenon indicates its recognition among professionals. However, web design techniques that blew up the brain a year ago, today no longer cause storms of delight and sometimes annoy users. Requirements for the pages are getting tougher, so designers do not stop working on the “face” of sites.

Despite the fact that the main thing in web design is user-friendliness, nothing prevents you from adding some fashionable things to the site so that it looks modern and attracts young audiences. So, let’s consider what are the next graphic trends in design which will surprise us this year.

3D Still Lifes

In the last several years, more and more projects in the field of 3D-design have appeared. Watching the success of the leading 3D-artists, we can safely assume that in 2019, 3D still lifes will become even more popular. Particularly, in the collaboration of different companies for creating logos and product placement.

3D Still Lifes
ManvsMachine | Ben Fearnley

More AR Design

Augmented Reality technology will continue to evolve rapidly, and not only in computer games, video or apps. AR may win its place in the field of design, especially when it comes to mobile devices. if we ourselves do not see AR everywhere, it is only because many ideas are currently in development.

AR Design
Epic Moleskine

One more example is the Rainforest project looks like a great interactive map that you can explore.


3D Typography

In 2019, 3D typography will be even more popular. To succeed, designers must create impressive works, constantly pushing the boundaries of the possible. Many companies have already noted the importance of 3D technology because they allow not only to establish contact with potential clients, but also to impress them. In 2019, various 3D-animation is expected to be used more often.

3D Typography
Muokkaa Studio | VAGO | CESS ™

The Symbiosis of Digital and Handmade Art

Thanks to the emergence of new applications and tools, it is pretty easy to combine handwritten methods with digital ones. The “digital paintbrush” is a much more diversified tool than those old brushes from Photoshop. It reveals all the advantages of a real brush and allows you to create more modern and aesthetic images. Undoubtedly, interest in the traditional art of calligraphy has increased due to the digitalization of the drawing process, and this is wonderful!

Symbiosis of Digital and Handmade Art
David Milan | David Milan | typebychris | typebychris | Alex Trochut

Bright Colors, Gradients

Over the past years, many designers have appealed to gradients. Everything goes to the fact that this trend won’t disappear, although it will become more multifaceted. We expect a lot of novelties including bright and live colors mixed with various textures.

Bright Colors, Gradients

3D Animation in 2D Design

To animate everything that can be animated is actually the motto of 2018. This applies to both graphic design and all kinds of interfaces. In 2019 3D animation will only increase.

3D Animation in 2D Design
Mattrunks Studio | Mattrunks Studio

Extensive 3D Capabilities

The line between reality and fantasy will become pretty indistinct. It is likely that over time, 3D-design will use more and more fascinating natural shapes and motion. And this is due to the significant development of 3D editors, as well as their render systems and functions that imitate physical processes such as gravity, friction, collision, etc. The 3D world is getting closer and more accessible to those who want to master it.

Extensive 3D Capabilities
Issey Miyake | Issey Miyake | Rick Oostenbroek | Rick Oostenbroek | Rick Oostenbroek

More Creative Photography

In 2019, photoshoots and advertising campaigns will be more challenging and daring thanks to the expressive and creative design of the set. It doesn’t matter whether the decorations will be made by hand or using 3D mapping technologies, people will remember them for a long time.

Creative Photography
Domino | Domino | Domino | Pokras Lampas | Pokras Lampas

Animated Illustrations in Retro Style

I do not think that the interest of illustrators to retro-style will ever pass. Because it is such a “style in style”, verified over the years. And looking at the animated works of illustrators is never boring.

Animated Illustrations in Retro Style
Markus Magnusson | Markus Magnusson

Color-Gel Photography

Another technique that photographers will use more and more often in 2019 is the use of a color-correcting gel or color filters. Such infinite opportunities let you experiment with multi-colored lighting of the subject and achieve unique effects of colors. All these photos really claim to be called the works of modern art.

Color-Gel Photography
Jake Hicks Photography | Jake Hicks Photography | Pinterest

Adaptive Logos

Since mobile devices already run the world, the importance of adaptive logos is constantly growing. It is not enough to create only one logo which is transformed according to the width of the screen. The adaptive logo assumes the presence of several versions of the image: for smartphones, tablets, desktop systems, and many other devices. A few years ago, adaptability became essential for web design. Now, it is perceived as a must-have for a logo design of any serious brand.

Adaptive Logos
Design on the Rocks [Link removed]

Simplified Logos with 3D Elements

Smooth, elusive overflows and damping colors will give the object a harmonic depth. By itself, the color will become more vivid and richer, which will make the brand image more expressive.

Simplified Logos with 3D Elements
Freepik | Pond5

Fancy Typefaces

Stylistic fonts seem to reach their maximum of the variety. Visual distortions and futuristic experiments are the next steps in the pursuit of the viewer’s attention.

Fancy Typefaces
Rafael Ramirez | Designspiration | Manh Nguyen | Manh Nguyen

More 3D Elements in Website Design Allowing to Experiment

A website with elements allowing experiments with depth, movement, texture, and perspective becomes truly unique, it will surely be more attractive and memorable for a user.

Website Design Allowing to Experiment
Ocean School | Veolia | Mont Roucous

Interactive Pointer

An interactive pointer opens up new possibilities for users to interact with websites templates. Depending on the settings of a particular website, the user has access to various functions of the pointer for certain interactions. For example, on the 2018 Foosball World Cup site, the pointer turns into a ball, ideally repeating the dynamics of a football in motion. Trifle, but very elegant.

Interactive Pointer
2018 Foosball World Cup | Pixels | Insymbiosis [Link removed]

Original Use of Website Loading

The days when boring loading screens were used on websites lie in the past. More and more sites use creative preloaders and loading screens.

Website Loading
TicTacWow Caffeine | Netrix Digital | Erik Bernacchi | WWWEEEBBB

Instagram Stories

This is not so much a design trend as a trend among all. Two years ago, a lot of innovations appeared on Instagram, including Instagram Stories, which still do not lose popularity. Since its start, this feature has won the love of users, and now more and more designers and companies use it daily.

3D Handmade

The desire for maximum realism in 3D and 2D design has been observed for a long time. It is not surprising that this year more and more interpenetration of digital art and handmade techniques is expected. Just recall the amazing Android Marshmallow’s Wallpapers that Google created from paper.

3D Handmade
Eye on Design | Mindsparkle Mag

Isometric Design & Photography

This technique used to be applied mainly to technical drawings, but then it was opened by designers and used in photography, illustrations, and 3D design. The interest in isometry is so great that it is difficult to even single out individual works. It is explained, apparently, by the visual pleasure that you experience when looking at isometric worlds. Perfection!

Isometric Design
Jing Zhang Illustration | Jing Zhang Illustration | Increment

Filling Flat Design with Depth

The desire for “realism” of interfaces and user interactions with them continues to grow. And the better your design imitates the real world, the more attention it will receive in 2019.

Flat Design with Depth
Blue Connect | Dana Van Etten

Final Word

If you look at all the trends in this year’s web design and compare them with the trends of next year, you can see how quickly not only the IT sphere but also the world is changing. Antitrends become trends and even don’t have time to replace each other in a huge stream of new information. Keep up with the times, follow the news and do not forget to change the world with us.