Interesting Education Technology Trends

Over the past couple of years, Machine Learning, the Internet of Things, and Big Data were the largest and most common educational technology trends. Nevertheless, the global pandemic has made distance learning very popular, and it now rules over all the trends.

Education Technology Trends

The coronavirus pandemic has significantly changed the way people learn and teach today. Many are already now used to distance learning through different digital platforms because of social distancing. Education technology (EdTech) helps to facilitate learning and improve performance by managing, creating, and using the right technological resources and processes.

The integration of technology into education has helped many students across the globe. In this guide, we will be talking about the most recent, interesting, and emerging education technology trends for this year.

1. E-Learning

In 2020, eLearning was the number one educational technology trend in the world. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, schools were closed all over the world and this resulted in a significant increase in demand for internet-based educational platforms. eLearning can encompass a wide range of resources like online courses, PowerPoint slides, writing samples, and more. For instance, resources like may offer assistance with mastering difficult learning concepts online and provide students with sample solutions for the different college subjects. Moreover, teachers can also deliver educational content to their students through eLearning. With a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer, learners can access these contents from any part of the world.

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In addition to saving time, this trend also provides more room for interactive learning. It also provides learners with the ability to choose what they want to learn easily and quickly, wherever they are. In this EdTech, learners get all the knowledge and information they need through viewing content and reading. It has revolutionized the delivery of education. With courses including podcasts, videos, and animations, eLearning provides learners with multimodal and practical experience.

2. Video-Assisted Learning

A study by Cisco shows that by the end of 2019, video consumption will account for more than 80 percent of the internet traffic. This year, 2021, will record more growth in web traffic from videos. On YouTube, a video sharing platform – there are more than 2.3 billion active accounts and they are all watching different videos ranging from education to entertainment.

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Video is increasingly becoming the number one way of learning right now. Rather than spending a lot of time reading, students now prefer watching videos, and it helps them to understand and remember things better. New technology innovations such as smart TVs have helped to make video-assisted learning more popular.

This trend is also thriving in distance learning situations where students learn through their electronic devices. Videos help to make content more comprehensible while enriching lessons. It also helps to reduce the workload of teachers while improving the outcomes of students.

3. Blockchain

The educational space has also been blessed by the Distributed Ledger Technology. Blockchain technology offers a wide range of benefits to education. Data storage has also been made easy and efficient with this technology. Whenever new data is added, another block is added to the system, and this makes the storage practically unlimited. Data is also super safe on the system and they are encrypted and shared to different computers in the system.

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This technology allows for a transparent and decentralized way of transacting data. Massive Open Online Courses and ePortfolios use blockchain technology to verify knowledge and skills. This technology also helps to resolve the issues of scaling, authentication, as well as the cost for eLearning agencies. It also makes it possible for student applicants to share their achievements when seeking jobs. This is one of the latest and most useful technologies today, and it has significantly enhanced the educational sector.

4. Virtual Reality, Artificial Reality, and Immersive Technology

Virtual Reality and Artificial Reality are some of the latest, emerging educational technology trends. These two techs provide students with realistic scenarios. They are also very useful in different educational fields, especially in the medical profession. With this technology, medical students can perform surgeries instead of watching video demonstrations.

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In addition to providing students with the opportunity to study the basics, it will also help them to learn rare treatments. This technology is trending significantly higher in the educational sector. This technology provides new and improved learning experiences for students and they are more immersive than other EdTech out there.

They provide digital environments that directly enhance comprehension. The amazing experience also encourages students to learn more and explore new destinations without leaving where they are.

5. Gamification

If you are looking for an educational technology trend to make learning more fun and engaging, gamification is the perfect tool. One of the best ways to engage students is to keep them active. With exciting game activities, students can practice and learn much faster. With gaming elements, students now enjoy positive and fun learning environments.

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The world is constantly evolving and changing, and education is also changing with it. With the advent of modern and innovative technology, education has evolved significantly. Many education sectors are now embracing these technologies to improve teaching and learning.