6 Reasons to Revamp Your Website ASAP

The world around us is changing at a tremendously fast speed. New technologies are presented all the time. We cannot imagine our lives without keeping our smartphones and wearables always in handy. We access the web more often than giving a simple phone call to our friends.

The web is changing rapidly. The techniques that were in demand a year ago are no longer popular. In order to keep up with the times, we need to keep our websites constantly updated. If for some reason you notice that people lose interest in your data, then it’s high time for a revamp.

Take a look at your site as if you were a regular user. Do you feel comfortable navigating your content? Do you think that something should be changed? Then it’s high time a revamp! May the following checklist give you a push for the future revamp.

Your Site Isn’t Mobile-Friendly

If your site isn’t optimized for mobile devices, then a single day delay can cause you the loss of customers and low rankings in search engines.

Stats show that approximately 60% of Internet searches happen on handheld devices. While accessing a web page that doesn’t look good on their smartphones and tablets, people will simply leave in search of mobile-friendly alternatives.

Moreover, non-responsive websites have poor rankings in search engines. This can lead to lower traffic to your site, as well as poor conversions.

Taking this into account, make sure that your website is optimized for a flawless performance on all kinds of handheld devices. This will make your site more usable and strengthen your site’s positions in search engines. You can save your time and use html templates that are already optimized for a flawless performance in all web environments.

mobile friendly rewamp

It Takes Too Long to Load Your Content

Slow-loading websites irritate the present-day user. If a person reaches a web page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load all content, then they are likely to leave in search of speed-optimized web solutions.

When people browse the web, they want to get everything they need immediately. Users are impatient. If you do not want your customers to leave for your competitors’ sites, then you should better take into account the following factors that can affect your site’s loading speeds.

  • Your server handles too many requests at the same time.
  • There are some issues in your site’s code.
  • The file sizes that are shared on your site are too heavy. This slows down your site’s loading speed.

These reasons can be due to an outdated and poorly coded website. If you haven’t updated your site for a while, then get ready for its major revamp.

loading speed

Outdated Design

Web design trends come and go. New creative approaches to your web content organization are released every once in a while. In order to make your website look competitive and luring for your audience, you need to update it with a trendy style.

What’s in demand in 2019? Let’s enumerate several of the leading web design tendencies of 2019.

  • Black-and-white web designs make an impressive statement in 2019. When combined with minimal amounts of colors, such designs create the biggest impact on the viewer. When enhanced with a bold color accent, monochrome designs make calls-to-action more vivid and let the key points of interest leap up.
    black white design rewamp
  • Natural shapes can add more depth to web designs, making different elements of your web pages stand out. As soon as different objects in nature have asymmetrical shapes, adding free-drawn elements to your web design can enhance your web page with the illusion of movement, thus bringing your design to live.
    shape rewamp
  • Video production has become a priority for many websites. Following a new Google move of displaying mixed search page results, featuring written and video data, lots of brands made video content their top priority. A contemporary user doesn’t have lots of time to scan through all pieces of text that you feature on your site. Videos need less time to be viewed, yet they are more engaging.
    flight video
  • It seems that minimalism will never go out of fashion. Featuring fewer elements on your site lets you keep your audience focused on your key message. In order to make the navigation experience more engaging for web users, minimalist sites include neat animations and fade-in effects.
    minimalist website template

High Bounce Rate

If you notice that your website has a high bounce rate, this is another reason for a revamp. high bounce rates can be caused by a range of factors. People may not enjoy the design of your site. They may have a poor first impression of your web page. Your content may load for too long. They cannot find exactly what they are looking for.

In order to lean user behavior on your web page and discover what areas of your site need to be improved, make use of the stats delivered by Google Analytics. It will show you exactly what your customers do on your site.

high bounce rate

There Are Too Many Error Messages

If there are too many error messages piling up, then it’s likely that your website is poorly structured. in order to get rid of these mistakes a revamp is needed. It will help you identify all broken links on your site, as well as review those design elements that were removed a long time ago.

Check your browser console, clean your HTML, use W3C markup tester, or other validators.

no errors

Your Website Doesn’t Help You Achieve Business Goals

Whatever project you bring online, it’s likely to serve a specific goal. For example, a design portfolio template may be intended to grow public interest in your venture and help you establish better relationships with your clients. The primary goal of an eCommerce site is to sell, thus boosting conversions for your brand. If your website doesn’t help you achieve your goals, then it’s likely something went wrong with its structure and performance.

One of the most popular mistakes makes made by website owners is putting the aesthetics of their online projects as the top priority. However, that’s the effectiveness of your web resource that matters. Creating usable and effective sites solves lots of problems for modern-day businesses. This helps you create an efficient sales funnel that provides your customers with the things they are looking for, thus providing proper solutions for a range of issues.

How to create a site that will help you achieve your goals? Ask yourself the following questions and note down your answers.

  • What’s the primary action that you’d like your customers to take on your site?
  • Is it easy to locate your CTAs and understand what will happen with a click on them?
  • Is it easy for your visitors to get in touch with you?

As soon as you make your objectives and business goals avid for your audience, your site’s efficiency will grow, and thus help your business reach its goals.


In today’s digital age, it’s essential to keep up with the times and make your website meet the latest web tendencies. Your website is the face of your brand. Based on the first impression that people will have after visiting it, you can assume whether they would like to have business with you. That’s why it’s important to create a positive first impression that will shape users’ impression of your company. Update your site in accordance with the latest tendencies, deliver high-quality solutions, and show value for your client base.