How To Avoid Your Transactional Emails From Hitting The Spam Folder

Want to maintain a cordial relationship with your clients? Then there is nothing as good as transactional emails. Let’s find out why!

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Transactional emails are meant to carry some crucial information about a specific product purchase, or say password reset request or password reminder email or purchase confirmation email or personalized product notifications, and so on. These emails are often expected by clients who have already interacted with your company and have shown interest.

Now, the problem is, the recipient’s mailbox provider often blocks some transactional emails thinking they are spam. They will look at the IP address of your computer, and depending on that, they will decide whether or not to filter out transactional emails.

But transactional emails are not trivial promotional mails! Then how do you prevent them from landing up in the recipient’s spam folder?

Main Factors

Well, there are some factors that you need to check for that purpose. Let’s find them out below.

  • Content – The content of your mail is one of the parameters responsible for determining the fate of your transactional emails. So, a relevant subject line explaining the body of the mail, briefly, must be mentioned. Some aspects to look at before sending the email are; use a friendly form of writing with a relevant pre-header (not the copy of the subject line). The mail must be readable on any device; the message must be devoid of any design error or shouldn’t contain an HTML. Value addition by putting in some additional information is a great idea. Content is crucial that can help you to get a positive response.
  • Recipients – Check the email stream and keep checking the deliverability. You have to send the message to the inbox, remember this. You can send it while sending a marketing email. Also, maintain a list of clients who have unsubscribed. Tell subscribers that it is transactional mail and not just promotional mail. Always keep the option for unsubscribing open in case they do not want to see your marketing emails any longer.
  • IP address –the IP address of your computer is a vital factor. So, to get a positive response, shoot the email using a different IP address and domain space. Don’t use the usual one that you use to send blanket marketing emails. Always check the complaint feedback loops to keep an eye on the rate of complaints coming in on your transactional emails. 
  • Timing – Clarify it beforehand that subscribers will get transactional emails and remind them when they can expect the mails. Maintain a routine while sending out the transactional emails. If you delay sending out the mail, not considering the time when the client bought a particular product or wanted to know about the services, chances are your transactional email might be taken as a spam message by the clients. No need to send non-essential transactional reminders such as “your products are waiting in the cart.” Also, remember if a transactional email is about a product release or the inclusion of some new services and you must send it to your clientele. Don’t go for blanket mailing. Instead, send out the emails over some time, real slow and easy.