Free Online Word Document to HTML Converter

Today we are presenting a free online tool which was designed to convert any digital document to a nice and tidy HTML markup. It can handle Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint Google docs, PDF and any other format we can imagine.

It has a very clean user interface, just like its predecessor, the popular WordOff converter which has been discontinued.

word to html converter online word2cleanhtml

The site is focusing on the converter area where we can switch between the WYSIWYG editor and the source editor in a tabular box. The visual editor is active when we launch the tool and works just like any other What You See Is What You Get composer. You can set adjust the text with the toolbar above the working area. When we have finished composing the text we have to set the second tab active, which reveals the HTML code. Many code editing options are at our disposal which provide a wide variety of dirty markup cleaning options:

We can easily get rid of

  • inline styles
  • empty tags
  • successive spaces
  • tag attributes
  • classes and ID’s
  • tags containing only one space
  • comments
  • all tags

Additional features are the code compressor, the text indent organizer, but we can easily open a fresh page or use the undo button to revert back to the previous state of our document.