HTML5 Editor

Keeping our source code clean is very important not only for SEO, but a tidy source is easier to maintain, and it loads faster. Unfortunately most of the WYSIWYG editors, including Microsoft Word leaves a very dirty code once converted to HTML. In this article we’re going to present the best free online HTML5 editor we could find out there which respects the Web Standards.

On the home page of HTML5-Editor.Net we can see two big text areas next to each other. We can use the one on the right to compose our article with a nice visual editor and in the meantime we can see and edit the source code on the left side. The fact that we can see the code and the result side by side simultaneously proved to make us very efficient.

This free online tool can be used without registration and login. When you access the site for the very first time you will see a preloaded demo text which helps you try out the features of the HTML editor and experiment with it. Load this demo text anytime you need it clicking the Demo menu item.

online html5 editor
The best online HTML editor

The visual and the source editor both have their own control bars where the most important features are accessible. Below the HTML editor are listed the shortcuts to undo an operation, start a fresh page, increase font size, apply the Bootstrap CSS, compress the code, find-and-replace in the source, RGB hex code color picker and more.
Probably the most important feature of the website is the HTML cleaner which can be accessed with the big dark button.