Java vs Javascript: Main similarities and differences

Today, many students find themselves asking the question, “Which programming language should I learn first?” Learning a programming language has a couple of requirements. One of many includes understanding its features. This provides you the opportunity to figure out if it’s a great choice for your projects.

js vs java

In college, students experience difficulties in not just learning about a programming language but also in picking the one that fits their project. Two common languages that scholars look into are Java and JavaScript. And a question they find themselves asking is, “Which programming language is worth learning first?”

Java is an object-oriented programming language that bases most of its executions on threads. People across the globe use the language most times to build complex programs that carry out tasks with fast speed and accuracy. As for JavaScript, it’s a programming language designed to create web applications and offers different features when compared with Java. In this article, we will take a look at some of the factors that students need to look into to figure out which one is the easiest programming language to learn.

The Best Programming Language Between Java and Javascript

Figuring out the best programming language for you as a student entirely depends on how the features each one has can fit into your programming goals. If you are worried about spending time away from your assignments to learn the programming language and thinking, “how do I complete my assignments?”, then you can easily opt-in for the services of Edubirdie to handle assignments online for free. You can also pay expert writers to do your assignment, while you spend your time handling other crucial tasks.

Aside from the fact that you now know we do your assignment, you might be wondering if you should go for Java or Javascript first. To help you find an answer to that, let’s look into a few factors that affect the languages and their functionality.

java and javascript


As mentioned earlier, Java is object-oriented as it makes use of objects when you write its code. There are other data types that the language possesses and this allows programmers to work on projects without always using objects. A few other data types offered include float, boolean, double, int, and many more.

Features & Applications

  • Stand-alone and flexible

Unlike many other programming languages, Java is purely stand-alone. The programming language does not require too many dependencies to run and programmers can use it without depending on another language. Also, Java has a good level of flexibility as it’s capable of creating a wide range of virtual and machine programs for any platform.

  • Used to build complex programs for machines

Java is also used to build complex programs. When taking a look at some of the largest programs in the world, a lot of them base their code on the Java programming language and this helps them retain their complexity.

  • Requires more complex approaches for learners

Java is said to be a bit more difficult to learn. Due to the several learning challenges people tend to face with Java, many choose to go with other languages to achieve their programming goals. Although there are some tips and techniques that improve the learning process, people still see it as a language that is generally difficult to learn due to its complex functionality.

  • Faster processing

Through the threads available on Java, the processing is a lot faster when compared with other programming languages.


Javascript is also an object-oriented programming language that uses objects to store data and process information. The language is based on the web as it mainly runs on browsers. Most websites you find on the internet today have Javascript in them. It allows websites to have interactions directly with users at a fast speed.

Features & Applications 

  • Offers integration with other languages

Unlike many other languages, Javascript provides features that allow you to combine it with other languages. One of them is HTML, as you can integrate Javascript with it to make amazing projects. .

  • Used to create simple web applications for browsers

Javascript has functionalities that allow you to build web applications for a browser. With this, you can start working on school web projects.

  • Easy to learn

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For those worried about learning challenges with Javascript, you should know that there are a few. However, the language is still generally perceived as an easy-to-learn language as there are tons of learning resources available for you to use.

  • Takes some time to process

Javascript takes some time to process data. This is due to the language mostly depending on the user interactions with the website and browser.

How to Learn Java and Javascript

Learning can be stressful and challenging especially if you don’t know how to begin. To reduce the difficulty involved, you need to find some of the best learning techniques and resources that can assist you. Below, we will talk about a few of these learning techniques.

● Use online learning platforms

You can pick from the many online learning platforms. Some of them provide their learning service for free, and others require you to pay.

● Get a learning partner

According to research, learning with a friend can greatly improve the process by a lot. Doing this when you want to learn about programming is also a great idea.

● Read programming books

There are some books about programming you can read. Sometimes, you may find them in your school library. You can also download pdf versions of some of the best books that can teach you about Java and Javascript.


The above article talks about some of the factors that make a difference between Java and Javascript programming languages. As a scholar, choosing can be a bit difficult. The tips offered will help you handle that.