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Tracking sport event statistics and displaying the score has never been easier. With the new online scoreboard you don’t need an expensive equipment to count the score anymore. All you need is a laptop and a projector or a big screen to display the score and measure the time. The web-based online scoreboard can be customized to many different sports.

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Disadvantages of traditional score boards

There is a dedicated panel required for almost every different sports. You can’t use the same timer for football, hockey, basketball, tennis and everything else. There are universal multisport equipments that show the time, period and count the score of each team but they don’t look professional and are suitable for amateurs only.

Traditional LED panels are expensive and require trained personnel to set them up and operate them. Flip score cards are inexpensive, portable and work well for amateurs but they can’t be used on serious events.

Advantages of the online score counter

Customizable for many sports and games. Adjust the theme to apply the color scheme of the home team and set up the logos.
Easy to set up and it’s very intuitive to operate it.
Broadcast the score through the internet for unlimited devices: projectors, big screens and mobile phones.
Save your settings to a web link to always retrieve them quickly.
Score counter is a web-based HTML, CSS, JavaScript application and it runs in any desktop and mobile web browser. It doesn’t requre the download and installation of any application, not even Adobe Flash. It’s the perfect choice for amateur and professional sport events.

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