Want to change your life: Learn HTML for Free

The work of a programmer has become very valuable in the past few years. Now, IT professionals and coders can earn lots of money for work that, some argue, is not even that hard! Of course, you can get an official education in the field and become a licensed professional if you’d like. The people that are not so sure have a different option. They can take coding courses and learn HTML for free.

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Learning HTML yourself is not all fun and games. The downside of online courses is that there is no one that will hold you accountable. You have to make sure that you attend all of your lectures, put in the work, and actually learn. If you don’t find time to study, nobody will force you. Despite that, learning HTML is a great task! Now, put your computer to good use and get on with it!


When you type “learn HTML for free” in any search engine, you will get a number of different coding courses, bootcamps, programs, and so on. There are too many to choose from!

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Finding a free program is a good place to start if you’re serious about learning how to code. One of the benefits of coding is, you don’t need to give up what you’re studying now. Combine the two! Plus, If you ever need a little help with college, you can hire a writer to help with essays. Law students can find a law essay writing service with trustful legal experts. While your essays are being written for you, you can dedicate some extra time to learning HTML. It doesn’t have to be a full-time gig until you’re ready to commit. Just spend as much time as you can on free online courses. It’s a great way to see if coding is for you.


Another way to find out more about coding is through YouTube. YouTube has a number of channels that are dedicated to coding.

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Depending on how much you know about HTML, you can find videos that are perfect for beginners, or more in-depth content explaining the ins and outs of working with HTML. You can start with YouTube when you want to learn about coding and understand the job prospects it may bring. Later, go back to YouTube when you’re ready to learn some tips and tricks from professionals.

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Practice has always been one of the best ways to learn. It’s not just about perfecting your craft; it’s about trying and failing. Even at early stages of education, practicing can really make a difference in your comprehension. Try your luck with an online HTML editor like this one. It starts you off with a default demo text that you can play with. Edit the text to try to get it to look the way you want. You won’t understand everything right away, but you will pick up a thing or two just from the demo text.

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Come back to the HTML editor throughout your studies. You can watch yourself improve and learn new tricks along the way. Eventually, you will be able to create a page filled with text from scratch and get it to look a certain way. It might not be quick, but it’s definitely not as difficult as you think! Practice really does make perfect, so don’t neglect it when you’re learning theory.

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Once you’ve got your HTML basics down, you can start to try your luck at coding. That’s what the HTML editor mentioned above is for. The more you learn about code, the more confusing it will get. Don’t be discouraged by that, it’s part of the process! When your code doesn’t turn out looking the way you expect, it’s time to check an HTML reference guide like this one at developer.mozilla.org .

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HTML Cheat Sheet

Always keep a reference guide open in one of your tabs. It can come in handy when you’re writing code. Reference guides have a list of all the basic HTML elements that you will need to know. They also contain global attributes and input types that you will need to memorize. Don’t worry if you can’t wrap your head around everything right away. It’s a lot of information! Keep the reference guide open and peek at it whenever you need.


You can absolutely teach yourself HTML without paying a dime!
However, it will take your time and dedication. You have the benefit of flexibility, but you also have to be your own hype man. Use these tips for the most productive way to learn HTML.

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Kaitlyn Butler is an HTML expert and IT tutor for high school and college students. She believes the future is digital. Kaitlyn uses her own platform to share HTML tips and tricks with her students and followers.