10 Font Characteristics and Their Use in Design

Fonts do matter when you’re looking to design a modern logo, website or anything else and still confused about its typeface.

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Many brands are pretty keen to focus on their brand identities and their designs. Graphic designers are also tried to limit themselves with some modern and attractive designs and their typefaces. These current fonts should be innovative and provide a fresh look to its viewer.

If you, as a designer, want to create a modern logo for any business, you should know that selecting the right font for any design will make a big difference.

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Modern fonts are designed to provide an authentic, iconic look; they are typically sharp, sleek, and bold. Such designs give a strong message to their audience about the brand. Professional designers know how to catch the viewer’s intention by manipulating the geometrical shapes and symbols for any business design.

With zillions of typefaces out there, it is pretty challenging for designers to get the feel of choosing the right font for any design. Usually, many designers store a set of professional fonts in their collection to embed them into their favorite business designs.

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Here I will explain to you some features of typefaces that you should incorporate into your designs.

The Anatomy of Font

Before we instantly jump into the characteristics of fonts, let’s talk a bit about the psychology of this concept. As a professional designer, you must study how these typefaces influence the audience’s feelings, thoughts and behaviors.

The line of any text is not only the indication of the size of the font, or any particular part is only the feature of its typeface. The composition of typefaces directly impacts the emotions of its viewer.

This ambiance or sensation is not an easy process to learn. Sometimes it takes years to absorb such feelings for professional designers.

How to Select a Font for your Design

Typefaces are the most crucial element in any design which directly represents the goal of any business. Generally, designers store a solid set of professional fonts to pick the right font at the right time, but it is better to buy a Futura Font that will make your design more contemporary and professional.

In this modern era, many people are observing only visual objects. They make assumptions in their mind about any brand by just seeing its logo or banner. Professional designers know exactly how to control the emotions and perceptions of their audiences. They adjust the entire message about the brand and its feel in a single image. These designers select a perfect typeface integrated with the business goal of their brand. There are five critical factors for graphic designers to consider when choosing a typeface for their designs. These are:

Choose the perfect category of the font. The text of your selected typeface should be legible Keep in mind the context and audience while creating any design Combine one or two typefaces to stimulate your design The designs should meet the expectations of its particular industry

Characteristics of Fonts

Every font has its physical appearance and characteristics, which make it distinguish from other typefaces. The mood or emotions of fonts directly refers to the visual communication with the audience. Even a more minor change in the font composition will alter the whole attitude of the viewer. This school of thought has been combined into ten fundamentals. Let’s list down these features altogether:

1. Font Weight:

Everyone notices the font style at very first sight, whether it is thin or bold. This insistence level is referred to as the weight of the font. The designers need to care about the importance of all the contents that they should be consistent and regular for reading. Bold styles are adopted for short phrases, while lighter font styles are pleasant for every brain.

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2. Font Width:

The width of your typeface strongly affects the visibility of writing. Regular comprehensive contents are sometimes difficult to read and give the impression of saving space. On the other hand, extended font styles are well readable and can change the perception of the text.

This text is written in Georgia, serif
Times New Roman, known from newspapers
Arial Black is bold
Courier New is a monospace font

Find more styles at html-css-js.com/css/generator/font

3. Font Contrast:

The contrast is the position of the font on any scale. Thus, the designers can add more contrast into their contents while creating the rhythms of more glamour or fashionable brand designs because low contrast text will never evoke folks’ emotions.

4. X-Height:

If you want to impress your viewer, then use this typeface property. The height of characters creates the lyrics of the text. Thus, it is directly referring to efficiently combining the lower and uppercase characters into your design.

X-height refers to the height of the lowercase x of the font.

5. Corner Rounding:

The corners of every character of your design are so critical. You can shape these edges to directly stroke the emotions of its viewers. The designers can make these corners sharp, square, or rounded to create a perfect visual object matching their business’s message.

6. Serifs and Slabs:

Another essential characteristic of font is choosing the appropriate type of typeface for your content. The shapes of Serif’s fonts are more classic and straight, which can be used in calligraphic tools. At the same time, the Slab Serifs are suitable for more fancy and noisy brands.

7. Italics and Oblique:

If you as a designer want to take more attention from your viewer, you should adopt Italics font styles. They are originated from Italian handwritten patterns and can change the pitch of your content while reading.

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The oblique style of fonts focuses more on highlighting part of the text. For example, the vertical lines of characters will become oblique and are the best font to pick for any sports theme.

8. Geometry:

Every digital character of the font is built through geometric formulas which describe its meanings. Many ancient designers rejected this feature, but geometric fonts have become part of all textbooks and can work as a time machine.

9. Statics and Dynamics:

All the designers should know that the patterns of their design are static or dynamic. For example, the lines and bows are parallel in static decorations. On the other hand, dynamic shapes are just true art that can be used in creative designs.

The openness of Letters:

Finally, the designers also need to focus on the width of characters. If you have more space on your banner and a short phrase, you can use more open space between your content to adjust the characters in total length perfectly.

Best Online Tool To Edit Fonts

Texteditor.com is a free online font converter and text art platform. This useful tool provides the best place to compose and generate the characters or ASCII code. It is the most popular text editor to select a perfect style for your web text. This text editor has the ability to customize the text with an editing side panel. The designers can even change the bold options, its size or color to generate their own creation.

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If you are looking to add some bold style into your comments or pick some text faces like emojis, this editor provides you instant access of all such features. You can regenerate any of your web text into your favorite typeface which may reflects your brand values and business goals. Many corporate designers adopted this text editor to set their desired typeface to content. This tool includes almost all the characteristics that are mentioned in the above section.

Final Thoughts

This informative guide enables you to understand the fundamental niche of typeface, its properties, and its use for any design. It is so essential for a designer to select a perfect typeface for any business design.

Every feature of a typeface affects the instincts and emotions of its viewer. The efficient designers hide the message and goal of business in their design. The creative designs or logos will catch the preference of the target audience and will increase the brand values into their perspectives.

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