Complete Guide to Create Digital Marketing and SEO HTML Template

Marketing campaigns are expecting more creative and innovative approaches for being successful. Luckily, SEO and digital marketing website templates are capable of advancing any marketing strategy. A landing page or advertisement looks much more appealing to users when crafted with professional HTML templates for businesses. This article provides essential tips on how to create HTML marketing templates online to reinforce your efforts in digital marketing.

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What is an HTML marketing template?

There are two main types of HTML templates for digital marketing purposes: emails and pages.
The first kind of marketing template is crafted for being embedded into an email. It contains visual elements combined together with the text and looks like a mini-version of the web page. Another type of marketing template is often used for landing pages designed for particular marketing campaigns.

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A typical HTML marketing template is made with HTML – HyperText Markup Language. It is used for years in website creation, though marketers should not obligatory possess HTML knowledge to create such templates. There are a lot of modern tools, such as our free online HTML editor and code builder, that one can use easily. Such online applications for creating HTML templates are widely used because they eliminate the need to learn to code.

If you have at least some basic knowledge of HTML, you may craft marketing templates by yourself. That will surely provide greater flexibility but will take more time compared to the HTML template creation in builders. Each marketer should decide on the preferred method to use further.

How to create marketing website templates?

Depending on your resources and time available, you may choose to create a website template in one of the ways. The first one refers to crafting a template from scratch, which might be really time-consuming. Another method is to use drag and drop website builder that helps to structure a web page visually without the need to edit the code manually. One more approach refers to ready-made HTML templates that would be also extremely effective for SEO purposes. In this case, you will also have to make some changes in those templates so that it matches your brand style and colors.

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Crafting website templates from scratch needs the involvement of professionals who have plenty of experience in HTML pages creation. This is important as a typical web page should not only contain graphical and visual elements but also security and browser settings. When a website functions based on the security protocol HTTPs, Google would add more points to its ranking. To learn more about security settings on web pages, find details here on how to implement them.

On the other side, marketers might choose to edit complex website templates. They usually contain all the necessary security settings necessary to assure safety for each web page. Moreover, such templates have settings for browsers so that a web page would work correctly in Safari, Chrome, Opera, etc. Marketing website templates also have predefined settings for search engines telling them how to operate the current web page.

How to create HTML advertising templates?

Innovative informational technologies give marketers the possibility to create things they were only dreaming about years ago. One of those relates to the email templates for marketing advertising campaigns. Those are also created with the help of HTML either manually or with the help of dedicated tools – the so-called drag-and-drop builders.

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Along with the visual representation, the text for the email brings much value as it conveys a message to consumers. To create a meaningful email, refer to templates at based on which you could design a personalized email designed particularly for your brand. Make sure to include a call-to-action button so that users would be able to follow your website and see the products advertised.

After the text is ready, insert it in the email template. With the help of online email builders, you would be also able to customize the style and design of your template.

Once your email template is ready, you might copy HTML code or export the file to your computer. Afterwards, go to your mailbox, such as Microsoft Outlook or Gmail, and create a new email there. By invoking the function to view the source code of the page, you will see where to insert your HTML template code. After doing that, your template comprising design elements and text will appear in the text box of your email.

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There is another way to insert the HTML advertising template into your email. Just copy the visual representation of your template and insert it directly in the body of your email.

To measure the performance of HTML advertising templates, use the same metrics as for standard marketing email campaigns. Pay attention to open rate, click-through rate, conversion rate as the core indexes helping marketers to analyze the effectiveness of the email advertising campaign. The statistical data of various companies proves that the utilization of HTML templates in email marketing generates more conversions.

Examples of professional HTML templates

To have a clearer vision of how an HTML template should look like, there are several examples provided below. Those HTML advertising templates were used by marketers in the world-known successful companies.

Business Website Template

From both examples, it becomes clear that the title should be concise. A passage of text with a short description of the promotion goes next after the title. Immediately after the body text, there is a call-to-action button. Additional elements and news are provided below this main part of the email template. It is important to note that brands customize their HTML marketing templates so that the colors, font, and text match their brand style.

To view more professional HTML templates, you can simply go to your mailbox and search for promotional emails. Famous brands rely solely on HTML templates in their email marketing campaign because those are more efficient than plain-text announcements. Feel free to analyze those templates and see how their style matches the brand image of the particular company. Based on this, you can also develop your own best practices in creating HTML templates.

How HTML templates can benefit your SEO strategy?

The overall SEO strategy of a company consists of several crucial components. Those refer to on-page optimization and off-page SEO activities. Each element of the SEO strategy makes value if done properly.

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Off-page SEO optimization refers to social media marketing, link building, guest posting, influencer marketing. To promote a website to the very top, gaining backlinks is the most common activity used by webmasters. Marketers either reach out to other online resources directly or buy SEO-friendly articles.

On-page SEO optimization is related to the elements on the website that could be edited or changed directly onsite. Everything that is present on the web page refers to the on-page SEO activities.

Webmasters usually refer to HTML code to make on-page adjustments. In this case, the implementation of HTML website templates assists marketers because there are usually many useful tags already embedded in them. Those HTML tags tend to enhance security, ensure responsive design, improve the website structure, which positively influences on-page optimization. Moreover, those templates contain instructions for various browsers, so you will be sure that your web page opens correctly on any platform.

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